Final Video Project- Cheer Team

Here is a glimpse of the journey of becoming a competitive cheer team at ST. Cloud State Univerisity


I decided to do my final video project on the hardest working group of ladies I know.. The St. Cloud State competitive cheer team! I filmed the video with an Ipad kit, tripod, and external microphones. I edited my video using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 on an iMac computer. I chose to feature footage of our practice, our Graduate Assistant Advisor, Hannah Nylund, and my co-captain, Ellie Nelson.


The music used in this video is from and the song is entitled “Static Electricity”.

Shot List:

0:00 Shot 1- Main title slide introduction “Cheer Team 2016-2017 St. Cloud State University” with medium shot

0:14 Shot 2- “cheer team performing pyramid”, rolling title

0:26 Shot 3- Hannah Nylund, Spirit Groups GA, talking about cheer team, close up shot

0:57 Shot 4- B-roll  footage of Sammy’s stunt group performing stunt, wide shot

1:04 Shot 5- Talking footage of captain, Ellie Nelson, close up shot

1:13 Shot 6- B-roll clip of cheer team practicing dance portion of routine

1:25 Shot 7- Talking footage of captain, Ellie Nelson, close up shot

1:33 Shot 8- Fade into final credits


Thanks for watching!



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